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Hello! You've found my secret about page. My name is Nezzy, though I also tend to go by Eliza, Cody, or any of the names of the characters I've made. I'm non-binary and my pronouns are She/They/He.I'm a polymath with a passion for design, technology, and the furry fandom. I read as much as I write, and you can find a lot of those on my blog. I'm always trying out new things. Hit me up on any of my socials if you wanna chat.

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My Characters

Here are a few of my characters! Many of these pages are still a WIP.

Celestra Vox Novikov

Celeste is a cabbit, a hybrid between a cat and rabbit.While I've used her in multiple universes, her main story is centered in the Sword Coast.Celeste is a mixed breed, her mother a Tabaxi and her father a Harengon. Her features are very tabaxi-like, with the exception of her larger ears, strong legs, and long floofy tail with a white poof at the end. Her fur is a mix of various lavender and violet colors, with white highlights on her stomach and face. Her hair is a purple sidesweep. Her eyes are heterochromic, one eye pink and the other teal. She's quite short for most medium races, bordering on small. Despite her height, she can jump abnormally high; and her normal stride is very bouncy outside of her gadgets as if she's always skipping.Her normal outfit consists of a set of leather military-style boots, brown slacks, cream crop-top, with a dark brown, waist length zippered leather jacket, with a matching navy blue hooded cloak. She has a variety of bags and toolkits set up in her jacket as well as belts wrapped around her hips and legs. She also wears a custom leather chest rig, designed with a bag of holding to integrate all her gadgets on her person such as her arcane armor.The outstanding piece of her appearance is her multitool, which she has nicknamed Cindy (ask her why). This steampunk gadget extends up her right arm. While not in use the gadget can shrink and form to her arm, while in use expanding to twice the circumference of her arm and out. The multi-tool can serve as any set of tools (Based on "The right tool for the job" feature). A small apparatus is set at the hand to protect her hand during combat, where she has a spot set to fit a simple weapon. At the back of her palm is a custom-made arcane focus to assist in some of her spellcasting. Another gadget at the wrist projects a tractor beam to lift simple items and objects (mage hand). She's constantly expanding her tool and will add more features in the future.

She was born into a family of clockmakers, owning the Epoch Timepieces shop in Waterdeep. She grew up helping them run the shop and repair the timepieces, inspiring her to learn tinkering.At her coming of age, she travelled with the blessing of her parents to attend the University at Silverymoon, where she quickly discovered that she had a problem with manipulating the weave because of her genetics. This didn't stop her, in fact it increased her resolve to learn a way to create catalysts of magic to serve her. This lead her to find new inspirations through technology, becoming one of the best students despite little technological aptitude.As she returned to Waterdeep, she caught the attention of the Harpers from her skills at university. They recruited her as a researcher, and her skill quickly climbed the ranks as one of their top researcher. She began tinkering with her inventions, using the designs from her parents as a baseline for her steampunk creations.

Vaus Rey Sparka

Vaus is my red panda, and I guess what could be considered my "main" fursona. He's been drawn with blue and red fur, often swapped between.He has an original story, though I'm not too sure how to tell it yet here. I also don't have a ref sheet for him, but I'll post it here when I get one.

Sierra Winters

Sierra is my wickerbeast. He was one of my first vrchat avatars. I don't have a story for him yet.

Cody Porter

Cody is my nardoragon. Still working on him tho, come back later.

Eliza Zephyr

26 - Male Miqo'te - Keeper of the MoonActor & Adventurer for HireCactuar - Aether Datacenter - Final Fantasy XIV

Lore Name: Elijiah Zephaniah
Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Nameday: 20th Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
Deity: Thaliak, the Scholar
Nationality: Sharlayan
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Actor, Adventurer, Researcher
Jobs: Sage, Gunbreaker, Red Mage, Machinist, Alchemist, Fisher
Height: 5'3
Weight: 153 pounds
Build: Lean and toned
Hair Color: Naturally a dark blue, colored variously
Eye Color: Seafoam blue
Piercings: Various on his ears, sometimes a stud on his nose.
Tattoos: TK
Scars: Two on each side of his head, behind the hair where ears would be on a Hyur.

Thank you for checking out my profile for Eliza. If you ever want to roleplay, send me a /tell. If you see me with the RP tag enabled then feel free to walk up as well.
As for me, the player, I am 21+ and my pronouns are she/they/he. I also I live in the CST timezone.

Nesse Xioten

I have many characters in the World of Warcraft universe. Hit me up ingame if you want. Here are a few of the characters I play:- Nesse Xioten, Pandaren Farseer
- Nyoti Xioten, Pandaren Archmage
- Imogen, Vulpera Scholar
- Sierra Mistscale, Dracthyr Evoker
- Celeste Xioten, Pandaren Priestess
- Abby Summerwind, Pandaren Monk
I may expand this page down the line with special pages for each character.

Eliza Patre Vance

Eliza is a white furred vixen, and a Graviturgy wizard roleplayed in Dungeons & Dragons.Gender: Non-binary (she/they/he)
Class: Graviturgy Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Draconic
Age: 27
Height: 5'4
Weight: 176
Faith: Non-conforming/atheistic
Lifestyle: Aristocratic
Organizations: Lannercost Ministry of Archaeology, Adventurers Guild Member, House Vance of Lannercost

This is a very old ref sheet. I'll make an updated version soon.

Art by Nezzy

Hey! This page is incomplete right now. I hope to show off more of my art here in the future. For now, here's a render I made! ^^